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The First Decentralized Revenue Aggregator

zETH - Aggregated ETH Stablecoin

Get aggregated APY from the strongest protocols on the market: Curve, Convex & Stake DAO

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First-ever Aggregated Stablecoin
Available in Zunami Protocol ver.4.1 and later

About zETH

ETH Stablecoin is backed by ETH-LP tokens from Curve/Convex & Stake DAO

Users enjoy APY from the best pools on the market without needing to stake or provide liquidity anywhere. It is growing in your cold wallet

Redeem at any time to ETH, frxETH
Backed by LP tokens from Curve/Convex & Stake DAO at a 1 to 1 ratio
Strongest APY on the Market (best risk/profit ratio)
Safest way to get passive income in your cold wallet

Omnipool collateral

zETH utilizes the ETH Omnipool from Zunami as collateral

The Omnipool provides liquidity to top-tier ETH pools on Curve Finance

Advantages of using Omnipool as collateral:
Sustainable yield in CRV, CVX, FRX tokens
Rebalancing between pools
Harvesting rewards
Reinvesting rewards back into the pool

Profitable and optimized index

Profitable and optimized index

zETH is your profitable and optimized index on the ETH Layer 2

Instant redeem

Instant redeem

zETH is fully backed by the ETH Omnipool, enabling instant 1:1 redemption for ETH without queues or loss in value.

Buy zETH

Buy $zETH Stablecoin from the pool on Curve - zETH/frxETH
Buy zETH
Provide liquidity in official Curve zETH/frxETH and boost your APY
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zETH Stablecoin FAQ