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The First Decentralized Revenue Aggregator

Decentralized Stablecoins and Omnipools

Optimizing DeFi Yield with Zunami's Aggregated Products

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Zunami is a decentralized protocol that issues aggregated stablecoins, whose collateral is utilized in a omnipools and differentiated among various profit-generating strategies.

USD Omnipool
ETH Omnipool

Advantages of using omnipools as collateral for stablecoins:

1. Profitable
Sustainable passive income
2. Fully Decentralized
Liquid on‑chain collateral
3. Optimized
Flexible collateral management through DAO voting

Decentralization is the key

ZUN token holders decide:

LaaS - $ZUN token can be used to manage strategy in Omni Pools or obtain zunUSD / zunETH liquidity from APS through decision-making on DAO proposals

Governance control - $ZUN stakers can vote and influence decisions on the development of the Zunami Protocol

ZUN distribution control - $ZUN stakers can participate in a Gauge weight vote every two weeks to determine the distribution of $ZUN token emissions

ZUN Staking

ZUN stakers serve as an extra layer of collateral to ensure additional security for zunStables, earning them 100% of the protocol's income in return.

ZUN Staking
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Algorithmic Peg Stabilizer (APS)

APS is designed to stabilize the price of stablecoins, provide liquidity, and protect against attacks

Harvesting Rewards
Auto compound
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No Proxy contracts
DAO Risk Managment
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