The First Decentralized Revenue Aggregator

Why we created Zunami Protocol

Zunami Protocol is your gateway to the era of emerging financial opportunities. The cryptocurrency market still doesn’t have a reliable and straightforward solution for stablecoin deposits.

We are bridging this substantial gap by launching the first decentralized revenue aggregator for stablecoins. Zunami Protocol generates profits unmatched within the existing market safely using the risk-free assets.

Modern DeFi is full of flaws. We are solving them

Frequent changes

Frequent interest rates changes in yield-farming pools

Automatic pool selection

Zunami’s decentralized revenue aggregator for stablecoins selects
the most profitable pools automatically

Overcomplicated UX

Complicated UX due to the number of functioning stablecoin pools

Straightforward interactions

New UI makes interaction with DeFi apps smooth & easy by performing all the actions in one step

Too expensive

Expensive & inconvenient to sell rewards on your own

Automatic sale and reinvestment

The rewards received are automatically sold and then reinvested so that users can enjoy the full power of compound interest

Costly deposits and withdrawals

Costly deposits and withdrawals from DeFi Apps

Transaction Streamlining Mechanism

We created a Transaction Streamlining Mechanism (TSM) that makes a deposit in 2 stages, significantly reducing the costs of depositing and withdrawing for users

What about

Zunami Protocol Benefits
Benefit 1
Zunami Protocol Benefits
Benefit 1


Zunami Protocol always keeps users' funds in the most profitable pools.
When making a deposit, the most profitable pool is determined and users' funds are credited to it; when withdrawing funds are withdrawn from the most unprofitable. There is also a mechanism for the manual rebalancing of funds.

Zunami Protocol Benefits
Benefit 2
Cost optimization
Zunami Protocol Benefits
Benefit 2. Cost optimization

Cost optimization

less gas required
with Zunami Protocol

Zunami Protocol is an electric vehicle in the gas and oil era. Our technical solution provides a substantial decrease in deposit costs compared to even industry-leading platforms. This essentially means that you will need much less fuel to get where you’re going. Get more for less.

Curve deposit costs comparison
969 898
CURVE — Convex Directly
Deposit price (GAS)
228 285
Zunami Protocol
Deposit price (GAS)
Zunami Protocol Benefits
Benefit 3
Zunami Protocol Benefits
Benefit 3. Auto-compound


Zunami Protocol automatically sells rewards and reinvests profits
APR 30%
34,86% APY
Weekly auto-compound feature

We save users money! Manual weekly sale and reinvestment of rewards would cost approximately:

$ 499 / week
1,188,893 GAS / week
$ 23952 / year

We boost profits!
Increases the revenue by more than:

17% / year


Multi-blockchain rails is the obvious approach for DeFi applications to avoid congestion and scaling issues. That’s why we plan to support Polygon, BSC, and other popular alternative chains. Users will have an opportunity to choose the best place to allocate funds, regardless of the initial blockchain used to store the digital assets

Ethereum version.
Base concept

Zunami Protocol uses the Transaction Streamlining Mechanism (TSM) which accumulates users’ funds in one batch and distributes it according to our strategies, reducing the commissions for individual transactions

The Zunami protocol receives APY data, makes calculations, and selects the most profitable strategy. Then, the user’s funds are sent to Curve, and LP tokens are staked on Convex or Yearn

Rewards accrued by the user in DeFi protocols are automatically sold and the profits are reinvested. Zunami Protocol App boosts users’ income by allowing them to enjoy the compound interest

ZUN Token

ZUN will become the future governance and utility token of the Zunami Protocol. Users will receive ZUN as a reward for depositing the funds. Staking ZUN will boost profits, and holding tokens will also entitle users to participate in the DAO and vote in proportion to the number of tokens held. In the future, all the key Zunami Protocol changes will be implemented through the DAO.

ZUN Balance
ZUN 1000



Start of the project


Community program launched


Beta version on Ethereum launched


First audit, full launch, ZUN token generation even & liquidity mining program


Implementation of additional features (self-repaying loans, deposits with a fixed rate)


Zunami DAO launch

We in media

Stay tuned!

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The First Decentralized Revenue Aggregator