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The First Decentralized Revenue Aggregator

$UZD Native Zunami Protocol Dollar-pegged stablecoin

Get aggregated APY from the most high-yielding protocols on the market: Curve, Convex & Stake DAO

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About UZD

Your perfect stablecoin by the Zunami Protocol:

The $UZD Stablecoin is backed by USDC/USDT/DAI through LP tokens from Curve/Convex & Stake DAO, which are used in the Zunami Protocol DAO Strategy.

Users receive APY from the best pools on the market without the need to stake or provide liquidity anywhere. The APY just accumulates right on the assets stored in a cold wallet.

Redeem for USDT/USDC/DAI at any time
Backed by LP tokens from Curve/Convex & Stake DAO at a 1 to 1 ratio
Highest APY on the market (best risk/profit ratio)
Safest way to get passive income in your cold wallet

Press about UZD

Stablecoin trillema

The $UZD perfectly solves the stablecoin trilemma

It is decentralized, as it is collateralized by a set of various stable crypto assets. It is protected from depeg by the instant redemption mechanism.

The  $UZD is highly capital-efficient due to the native APY from the best pools on Curve.

Capital efficiency
Depeg protection

How to get stablecoin?

The $UZD stablecoin can be minted from Zunami LP tokens:
Make a deposit to the Zunami Protocol and get LP tokens – OPEN
Mint $UZD using ZLP tokens – OPEN
Buy $UZD Stablecoins from the pool on Curve – OPEN
Provide liquidity in the official Curve UZD-3 pool and boost your APY!
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