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We follow our dream to create Metaverse bank
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We stand at a critical juncture of crypto world development. Never before in history any ordinary person was able to self-manage financial assets so efficiently as we see today, at the dawn of the DeFi era. The time has time to embrace new opportunities and leverage DeFi to multiply numbers on your life savings account! We are going to assist in exploring this realm by building the powerhouse of crypto standing on the crossroads of stablecoin and decentralized finance sectors

Kirill Kozlov, CEO Zunami Protocol

Our Mission

We see our ambitious mission in creating an affordable gateway to an era of new financial opportunities for the average non-geek user. Our team also aims to overcome the hurdles of DeFi and raise the bar for stablecoin yield farming income sector.

Our Philosophy

The global financial empowerment that was sparked since the inception of the Bitcoin, should become decentralized and transparent to flourish: free of greedy intermediaries, painful inefficiencies and sluggish web 2 experiences. Zunami team believes that a decentralized consensus protocol will become the backbone of the emerging crypto community. We create our product based on decentralization, where only the DAO have the power to make adjustments. We define ourselves as sharks of finance who aim to overtake competitors by offering a more seamless web3 experience.

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