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About company

Zunami Protocol is a company built by the progressive crypto field veterans. We are united by a common philosophy of decentralization and belief in the Web3 era, driven by vast experience of multiple successful projects in teams’ our track record.

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Why we created Zunami Protocol

Zunami Protocol is your gateway to the era of emerging financial opportunities. DeFi is the inception of an alternative economy of the future, but the field still doesn’t have a reliable and straightforward solution for stablecoin deposits. We are bridging this substantial gap by launching the first decentralized revenue aggregator for stablecoins.

Modern DeFi is full of flaws. We are solving them


Overcomplicated UX

Modern DeFi interfaces are made for professionals, not beginners
A large number of functioning pools
The need to interact with multiple applications in a row
Our solution

Straightforward interactions

Single pool system and new UI makes interaction with DeFi apps smooth & easy by performing all the actions in one step.


Self-managing of assets

Frequent interest rates change
Time-consuming activity
Most profitable pools/ protocols never provide same rates
Our solution

Automated revenue aggregator

The revenue aggregator independently differentiates and rebalances funds among the best stablecoin pools based on the results of the weekly DAO voting. Delegate, automate, enjoy.

Expensive Interaction with DeFi

Expensive & inconvenient to sell rewards on your own
Costly deposits and withdrawals
Our solution

Cost optimization

  • The rewards received are automatically sold and then reinvested so that users can enjoy the full power of compound interest.
  • Transaction Streamlining Mechanism (TSM) is significantly reducing the costs of depositing and withdrawing and making yield-farming accessible not only to the crypto whales.

Governance crisis

Protocol development goes contrary to the opinion of users and the community
Unfair distribution of governance tokens
Lack of motivation among holders of governance tokens
Our solution


Transparent solution of all key issues through voting by ZUN holders. The ZUN token will be credited through the innovative Lockdrop system to ensure the proper functioning of the platform in the long term.