Zunami Protocol Starts Airdrop!

Zu Awards Early Adopters! Win big: Take part and go from Rags to Riches!


Dear friends! We're advancing towards the final stage of product development, so our team decided to celebrate it with a new, cool, and lucrative activity — Zunami Airdrop.

Your funds are SAFU with Zunami Protocol: the smart contracts have been audited!

While researching your proposals for improving the product & its promotion, we often saw similar ideas from you and thus confirmed our hypothesis about the need for such activity.

You are our earliest adopters, and we really appreciate it. This drop is designed for early users, those who have stayed with us since the inception and helped to raise awareness. Thus, the accrual of ZUN tokens, with the same period of time holding funds, will be much more significant compared to future airdrops that will take place after the TGE.

Thanks a million for your feedback: we are thrilled to do this together!

Important information


No multi-accounts! Simple enough: it doesn’t make sense to spawn several accounts since it’s much easier and more profitable to invest from a single account.


Rewards will be issued for deposits of at least 1000 USDT/USDC/DAI

This is due to the fact that deposits of a smaller amount at the moment will abuse our transaction optimization system. In addition to the Airdrop bonus, you will receive all the benefits that are available at this stage of the product launch (deposit income).


The Airdrop end date will be announced later closer to Seed round announcement. The exact date of the Snapshot of the participants' wallets is not disclosed.

Please note!

1.2 x

Those of you who participated in this Airdrop, while donating to our project on GitCoin or participating in the Ambassador Program before its announcement, will receive a boost to the reward for participating in the Airdrop (1.2x).

To get a boost for donations to Zunami on GitCoin, you must specify a wallet that matches the address you used when sending us funds via GitCoin.

To receive a boost for participating in the Ambassador Program, you must specify a wallet that matches the one specified earlier in the Gleam forms (Phase 1-2).

Moreover, this boost does not replace rewards for participation in the Ambassador Program! Rewards for participating in the Ambassador program and the forthcoming award procedure will be announced later.

How to Get Involved

The use of Zunami Protocol may involve risks. Please do your own research before using the platform. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Step 1

Carefully read everything marked as "Important!"

Step 2

Deposit no less than 1000 USDT/USDC/DAI

Step 3

Keep funds in the protocol during the whole Airdrop campaign

Step 4

Engage in Snapshot

Step 5

Get a boost to the reward if you participated in the Ambassador program (Phase 1-2) and filled out the main Gleam forms

Step 6

Get a boost to the reward if you donated to us on GitCoin. More in FAQ

Step 7

Get profit!